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You've taken the first step towards driving more revenue! was created to help merchants find the best POS system and to provide qualified leads for our network of expert POS resellers. ShopPOS is much more than a business directory. It provides a robust platform to not only capture leads but to promote our partners' products and services through customized, professional web pages.

So How Does it Work?

  1. Your ShopPOS profile is your calling card. ShopPOS designed its profile page to help merchants quickly find your business and so they can learn what products and services you offer.
  2. Merchants provide information about their business, which helps us identify POS experts best suited for their business model and preferred geography.
  3. Before a lead is assigned, we call to a) verify the merchant is indeed seeking a POS solution and b) obtain additional information about their business needs, which we will pass along to POS experts - resellers!

ShopPOS fully qualified leads are the best leads money can buy. We guarantee each lead is called and verified. All you have to do is claim and build your company profile, then sit back and get ready to close!

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