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4 Tips to Guard Against Retail Point-of-Sale Malware

by Phil Goldstein | Apr 16, 2018
Retailers need to secure POS devices, control identity access, protect data and use biometrics.


The scourge that regularly seems to afflict retailers is back: point-of-sale malware.

Earlier this month, RMH Franchise Holdings, the second largest Applebee’s restaurant franchisee, disclosed that it has suffered a POS data breach. As Bank Info Security reports, the company “warned that of the 167 Applebee’s restaurants it owns and operates, 166 of them suffered a data breach in which point-of-sale systems were infected with malware designed to capture payment cards for anyone who dined at the restaurants.”

The threat of POS malware does not seem to be going away, given that retailers still seem as susceptible to attacks as they were last year. However, there are clear, practical steps retailers can take to enhance their POS security and protect customers’ data.