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Improve Efficiency, Payment Security and More with Pay-at-the-Table in Your Restaurant

by Eric Liebman | Mar 26, 2018
Pay-at-the-Table solutions have the ability to improve your efficiency and better your payment security.

The food & beverage industry has gone through many changes in the last few years. Better technology has enabled restaurant owners to bring the payment process right to the patron with Pay-at-the-Table solutions. A Pay-at-the-Table solution allows servers to bring the payment process right to the patron. Instead of shuttling their credit card back and forth between the diner and the point of sale (POS) system, the servers can use a wireless terminal or an mPOS solution to accept payment right where the diner is. This assures customers that their credit card data is safe as they have complete control over the transaction and allows restaurants to better engage with them.

To talk more about the Pay-at-the-Table solution and its benefits, we caught up with Eric Liebman, vice president, head of product strategy, travel & leisure at Elavon.