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5 Must-Have POS Software Features for Any Coffee Shop

Apr 30, 2018

Coffee Shop

Today’s coffee shops can be many things to their customers: a social environment, a Wi-Fi haven, a workplace, or simply a place to get in, fill up, and get out quickly. For competitive success, the coffee shop POS must be tailored to the customer base, offering a degree of personalization while being fast, versatile, and cost efficient. Here are five must have software features for coffee shop POS systems:

1. Faster Order Entry and Customer Checkout:

When the morning rush is on for coffee, customers hate to wait. Therefore, proprietors need a coffee shop POS system that will make short work of the lines, easily modifying the array of drinks, shots, and flavors offered while accurately recording sales of baked goods and other products.

Prompts will remind cashiers to upsell customers with additional ingredients. On-screen photos that entice the purchase can also increase profits, while integration with other store systems will boost productivity. With more customers carrying EMV chip enabled payment cards to protect against fraud, the POS must be able to process these transactions while reminding the customer the right way to use them.

2. Kitchen Display System Keeps You On the Same Page:

Coffee customers want their drinks and food fast and made precisely the way they ordered them. A kitchen display system (KDS) sends orders from the coffee shop POS to the baristas and food preparers who can start making the beverages and food items. This can also be integrated with mobile ordering apps, tablet based POS devices, and self-serve kiosks.

The KDS typically uses a touch-screen monitor to display multiple orders and special requests or instructions. Receipts as well as cup and food labels facilitate the communication between cashier and the preparers.

3. Automated Loyalty Marketing Programs Encourage Repeat  Business:

Automated loyalty marketing programs keep customers coming back while the coffee shop POS identifies and collects the purchase data to use for marketing efforts. To help customers collect rewards, the system needs to recognize loyalty cards, codes on smart phones, personal identifiers such as phone numbers, and even biometrics like fingerprints or facial recognition.

Customers can be notified of rewards instantly or by electronic means such as e-mail, text message, or a coupon on the receipt. These programs can be a powerful incentive for customers to return to your shop the next time they want coffee; providing your company with the information you need to track sales and inventory while compiling data to use in the creation of effective marketing campaigns.

4. Online and Mobile Ordering Capabilities:

Your customers have developed inseparable relationships with their mobile devices and online resources. Merchants that succeed in this environment develop “omnichannel” strategies that integrate the physical store with the online and mobile worlds. All of this comes together at the coffee shop POS.

Customers can research your offerings at a home or office computer with the potential to place their order at that time. They also have the option to use a mobile app while on the go to convey what they intend to purchase. Customers can even pay while using a mobile app. The coffee shop needs to be ready to process the order just in time for it to be completed when they arrive.

5. Sales and Inventory Tracking:

To maximize profits and ensure you never run out of ingredients, coffee shop POS systems should track sales and inventory. This will ensure that customers will always find your shelves stocked so you don’t miss a sale due to an item being unavailable. Many POS systems have auto alert functions to identify when inventory of a specific item is low. A good POS system will also have the ability to communicate with baristas or brewing equipment for portion control.

It will take time to find the right software feature for your Coffee Shop POS system to meet your unique business needs, but these five essential features are a great place to start.  

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