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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning: Upgrading Your Point of Sale System

Apr 09, 2018

spring cleaning

When days grow longer again and temperatures are warm enough to open the windows, there’s no denying it’s spring — and time for spring cleaning. Remember to include your business, too, as you are refreshing and renewing your surroundings. Consider upgrading your point of sale system this year instead of just dusting it off to help you put your house in order this spring.

How to Know When to Upgrade Your Point of Sale System

There are a few signs that it’s definitely time for an upgrade:

  • The checkout process takes longer
  • Payment authorizations fail more often
  • Price scans or inventory scans fail
  • Tasks you perform with your POS system take longer
  • Your business has outgrown your POS system, which no longer provides the functionality you need to operate efficiently, productively, and competitively.

When you see these signs, it’s time to plan for a new POS system.

Let a New POS System Help You Clean House

Point of sale solutions have evolved remarkably over the past five or six years. A next-generation POS system is designed to help you operate your entire business, not just complete payment transactions. Some of the capabilities you gain with a new POS system may include:

  • Inventory management: Upgrading your point of sale system can enable you to track inventory from receipt to sale and delivery. Next-gen POS systems also include analysis and reporting, so you can also monitor inventory data for patterns and trends that can help you always have the right items in stock. You can also set alerts that let you know when a certain item reaches the threshold you have set signifying that it’s time to reorder. This not only avoids running out of a popular item or restaurant ingredient, it also prevents over-ordering.
  • Security: Data breaches continue to make headlines as criminals use increasingly sophisticated tactics to get access to merchant systems and to cardholder data. Older POS systems may still store credit card data, making it vulnerable if a hacker gains access. Upgrading your point of sale system can give you new security solutions such as encryption, tokenization, and cloud-based storage, which mean if criminals are able to hack into your POS system, there is no cardholder data there for them to find.
  • Mobility: A new POS system can also give you mobility, enabling sales associates to use tablets to engage with customers in the aisles and complete payment transactions there, giving you line busting capabilities. In restaurants, tablets allow wait staff to transmit orders directly to the kitchen when the customer places the order and provides pay-at-the-table capability. Tablets can also be set up for customers to place self-serve orders, saving time and further enhancing the customer experience.
  • Online ordering/e-commerce: Online ordering and e-commerce don’t have to be separate from your in-store POS system. Look for a system that offers integration with this online order/e-commerce so you can manage all operations, have a complete view of inventory and sales, and quickly generate accurate reports.

Hire the Right Help

When it comes to spring cleaning, we can all use help when the job gets too big for do-it-yourselfers. When it comes to upgrading your point of sale system, your POS reseller is all the help you need. As a trusted advisor, your POS reseller can help you assess whether it’s time for an upgrade and help you evaluate the features and functions of a new POS system that will be suit your business.

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