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How to Choose Retail Point of Sale: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Feb 28, 2018

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When it comes to choosing your retail software, there are a lot of offerings out there to choose from every year. There is a lot of variation and diversity within the POS Software packages, which means it is crucial to choosing the right one for your particular business needs. The following four questions are some useful things to think about before purchasing retail software for both you and your company. 

1.  Do I Need Inventory Management?

A lot of retail point of sale systems out there come with inbuilt inventory management features. This added bonus means that the system can record how much inventory you have remaining every single time a customer makes a purchase at your store. For small businesses, inventory management systems are extremely useful. Not only will it save you money but it will also save you time by streamlining the process of manually checking. If you own a small business and your staff lacks time to frequently stock check, purchasing retail software that has a form of inventory management is key. 

2. Does the Software run Daily Sales Reporting?

No matter the size of your business, it is always a smart idea to look into retail software that has the capacity to run daily sales reports. You will want a system that features this kind of task for a few reasons. For one, it provides a highly detailed report that can be useful as a business owner. A highly detailed report can help an owner figure out which items sell the best and which ones do not, which helps with inventory. Second, the data that it provides will be able to show the performance of each individual employee through sales, which can help with calculating commissions or giving them praise. 

3. Is the software User Friendly?

Usability is an important aspect to think about when deciding between the various retail software options. You want the software to be easy to use and quick to pick up for not just you, but for your employees. That will help cut down on the cost of training employees how to use it. The last thing you want to do is choose a system that is overly complicated and takes your staff a long time to learn how to work. Take the time to know the system. Beyond the system itself, make sure that the software comes with a customer service and technical support team that is readily available for any questions you may have. 

4. Can it link multiple stores together?

If your retail business has multiple branches, it is likely that you will need to purchase software that is built to link your stores together. There are point of sale systems out there that can analyze your inventory across all stores.  This comes in handy if you don’t have a particular item at one store, you or your employees may be able to direct a customer to another one of your locations that has the item in stock. Even if you currently only own one store, you might want to consider buying software with this capability in mind, as a way of planning for potential future expansion. 

If you ask yourself these four questions before making a retail software purchase, it will go a long way to ensure that you have selected a system that is right for both you and your business. Choosing a system that is: user friendly, provides sales reports and inventory management, and can operate over multiple store locations is likely to increase your staff’s performance and maximize your company‘s productivity. 

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